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Known for his kindness, Dave is dedicated to helping and encouraging others, individually and in groups, to imaging what their unique contribution can be to their families, their work, and ultimately the world which leads to creating a pathway to making that vision a possibility. This involves careful and compassionate listening that invites scenarios that are meaningful and exciting. He is an unstoppable cheerleader for friends and those with whom he gets to work.

Dave’s experience covers a broad range of settings; large as well as small organizations, private, public, and family-owned businesses. Roles and responsibilities have included leadership in a diverse set of advisory and entrepreneurial environments. He is adept at relationship building, possesses superb communication skills, and is a gifted strategic thinker. He is also a certified practitioner in the “science of resilience”.

Dave has a great deal of experience on Boards of non-profit organizations and believes in the critical nature of the work to be done to significantly reduce preventable errors in all care settings.

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