Tools and Resources

General tools - reporting culture, just culture, teamwork, etc.

TeamSTEPPS Case Study

The Nebraska Center for Rural Health Research

1) Determine readiness to engage in teamwork efforts.  

AHRQ: TeamSTEPPS® Readiness Assessment

2) Recruit and train teamwork facilitators.

3) Train team members.



Health Research and Educational Trust: “Teamwork as an Essential Component of High-Reliability Organizations”

AHRQ: Teamwork Primer


AHRQ Rapid Response Systems (RRS) Training Module  

AHRQ TeamSTEPPS® home page

MMIC: TeamSTEPPS® Webinar


4) Assess gaps in teamwork.


Article: “What Went Right: Lessons Learned from Flight 1549"

AHRQ PSNet primer on disruptive behavior

AHRQ TeamStepps® simulation training information

5) Establish site-specific teamwork communication work plans.

AHRQ TeamSTEPPS® 10 steps of action planning

6) Reassess gaps to ensure training has successfully addressed them.

AHRQ: TeamSTEPPS® Readiness Assessment 

7) Align hiring, training and performance standards with teamwork goals.

AACN: Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice