Just as we expect organizations to "revisit the roadmap over many years as their cultures transform and adapt" it is incumbent upon MAPS to continually enhance the Culture Road Map tool to match the quickly changing industry landscape.  The Culture Strategy group convenes to both improve the tool and expand its use to additional care settings.  MAPS has recently rolled out Culture toolkits specially deigned to the unique challenges of Long Term Care communities and also ambulatory communities.  Click here to explore the new resources.

As a part of the Culture Road Map continuous process improvement, MAPS is currently partnering with the Minnesota Hospital Association to implement the Road Map in its Hospital Engagement Network and also StratisHealth and Department of Human Services to implement the Road Map in long term care settings.  To learn more about these initiatives, follow links below.

Long Term Care Culture Road Map Implementation:
Stratis ATTAX Long Term Care Campaign
DHS LTC Performance Based Incentives and Culture Road Map

Hospital Culture Road Map Implementation:
MHA and HEN Work Group

Click here for work group roster.

Click here for meeting dates and materials.