Informed Consent

Informed consent is an interactive process between a patient and provider that occurs before surgery or an invasive procedure.

National studies have found that more than 90 million Americans are unable to adequately understand basic health information. There is no more critical of a time to understand information, or have a high level of health literacy than before surgery or an invasive procedure.

The Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety has developed a statewide informed consent form and policy.

  • Informed consent form for PPS Hospitals and Clinics
    --English: [PDF]
  • Informed consent form for Critical Access Hospitals
    --English: [PDF]
    --Hmong: [PDF]
    --Russian: [PDF]
    --Somali: [PDF]
    --Spanish: [PDF]
  • MAPS model policy template 2011: [PDF]
  • Frequently asked questions: [PDF]


Re-imagining Consent in the Age of Health Literacy Webinar

In March, 2018, to celebrate National Patient Safety Week, MAPS co-hosted a webinar with Stratis Health, the Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership and Hennepin County Medical Center about how health literacy can make your informed consent practices patient-friendly. "Re-imagining Consent in the Age of Health Literacy" was presented by Christopher R. Trudeau, JD who is an associate professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' Center for Health Literacy. Click here to see the presentation.