Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

MAPS conducted "MRSA Days of Sharing" seminars to share and discuss successes, barriers, models, tools and other resources regarding MRSA management and prevention. Following are tools and information distributed at the seminar:


  • Meeting summaries for small, rural hospitals: [DOC] and urban hospitals: [DOC]
  • MDH MRSA recommendations: [PDF]
  • MRSA legislation: [PDF]

Sample Policies

  • MRSA policy: [DOC]
  • MRSA protocol: [DOC]
  • MRSA behavioral health: [DOC]
  • Isolation discontinuation: [DOC]


  • MRSA definitions: [DOC]

Standing Order

  • MRSA standing orders: [DOC]

Patient Information

  • MRSA patient information:[DOC]


  • E.D. algorithm: [XLS]

Additional Tools

  •  Isolation Transfer Guide: [DOC]

For more information, contact Julie Apold, director of patient safety, Minnesota Hospital Association, (651) 603-3538.