Strategies  Potential Tools and Resources for Getting Started

General info and tools

AHRQ: A general overview of CUSP 

AHRQ: A video overview of CUSP

"10 Principles of Change Management" article: [PDF]

1) Secure endorsements and resources for the culture effort.

 IHI: "Develop a Culture of Safety"

AHRQ Innovation Center: "Toolkit to Implement a Patient Safety Program"

TeamSTEPPS fundamentals course, "8 steps of change"

AHRQ Science of Safety video 

AHRQ Science of Safety slides

AHRQ CUSP Assembling the Team facilitator notes

AHRQ CUSP Team Member information form

AHRQ CUSP Assembling the Team video

2) Develop steering committee.

Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Association: Example of Patient Safety Steering Committee: [PDF]

TeamSTEPPS: Action Planning worksheets

3) Identify champion.

IHI: "Leadership Guide to Patient Safety": [PDF]

4) Conduct an organizational safety culture assessment.

AHRQ: Surveys on Patient Safety Culture

AHRQ Hospital Survey users guide: [PDF]

FAQs for AHRQ patient safety culture survey

IHI: Global Trigger Tool for Measuring Adverse Events

Minnesota Department of Health: Annual Adverse Health Event Report

CMS: Hospital Compare

  5) Analyze assessment results.

AHRQ comparative database information

Improving Patient Safety in Hospitals: A Resource List for Users of the AHRQ Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture: [PDF]  

IHI: "Forming the Team"

  6) Develop action plans.

IHI Model for Improvement: [PDF]

IHI: Change Management Resources

"10 Principles of Change Management" article: [PDF]

IHI: "Plan-Do-Study-Act (PSDA)" worksheet 

 7) Provide education on patient safety principles and practices during orientation

Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) Patient Safety 101 & 102 courses. (There is a fee for non-MAPS members.)