Potential Tools and Resources

General Resources

Case Studys from AHRQ


1) Secure resources for the culture effort.


AMA: “Center for Patient Safety Research in Ambulatory Patient Safety 2000-2010: A 10-year Review”

NIH: Understanding Quality and Safety Problems in the Ambulatory Environment [PDF]

IHI: "Develop a Culture of Safety" [Link]

AHRQ Innovation Center: "Toolkit to Implement a Patient Safety Program" [Link to Tool]

The toolkit includes customizable program tools, checklists, assessments, and planning documents.

MMIC of Maine: “Physician Office Practice Patient Safety Plan”
[Link to Tool]

2) Develop a safe culture team


TeamSTEPPS: ” Action Planning worksheets” [Link to Tool]

IHI: "Forming the Team" [Link to Tool]

3.) Identify Champions

IHI: "Leadership Guide to Patient Safety"

4) Provide education on patient safety principles and practices during orientation

Patient Safety 101 & 102 courses.

5) Conduct an organizational safety culture assessment/ patient safety culture survey.

“Event Reporting to a Primary Care Patient Safety Reporting System: A Report From the ASIPS Collaborative” [Link to Article]



Minnesota Department of Health Annual Adverse Health Event Report

MN Community Measurement

CMS: Physician Compare


HRET: “Assessing Where You Stand” [PDF]



AHRQ: Surveys on Patient Safety Culture [Link to Tool]

AHRQ: FAQs for patient safety culture survey [Link to Tool] 

AHRQ: Medical office survey webpage [Link to Article]

AHRQ: Clinic Survey Users guide [Link to Survey Guide]

AHRQ: Medical Office Patient Safety Culture Survey Form [Link to Form]

IHI: “Outpatient Adverse Event Trigger Tool” [Link to Tool]

6) Analyze the results and create action plans


AHRQ: Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture Comparative Database

AHRQ: “Improving Patient Safety in Medical Offices” [Link to Article]

AHRQ: Medical Office Survey Feedback Report Template [Link to Tool]

MMIC of Maine: Physician Office Practice Patient Safety Plan[Link to Tool]