MAPS' mission is "safe care everywhere." Given the increasing evidence that patient/family/resident engagement is an essential component of safe care, in 2015 the MAPS Board of Directors selected the following overarching priority to guide MAPS work moving forward.

MAPS will engage patients, providers and the community for better, safer health care across the continuum


One of MAPS' goals in 2018 is to ensure that patients, residents, and families understand and are equipped to collaboratively help improve systems in ways that advance safety. During National Patient Safety Week in March, MAPS co-hosted a webinar "Re-imagining Consent in the Age of Health Literacy" with Stratis Health, Hennepin County Medical Center, and the Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership. The speaker was Christopher R. Trudeau, an associate professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' Center for Health Literacy. In the webinar, participants learned how to communicate legal and health information through the informed consent process in ways that both engage patients and better protect healthcare organizations. To see a recording of the webinar, click here.


Building on our patient engagement work in Own Best Medicine, MAPS in 2016-17 embarked on a grant funded project which included creating a website/virtual community, holding a community educational event, and convening a Patient & Family Engagement Planning Committee. The new website, was launched in July 2016 at the educational event “Exploring Partnerships” that MAPS co-hosted with the Minnesota Hospital Association. MAPS Patient & Family Engagement Planning Committee will continue to guide MAPS work on this important priority across all care settings--including the continued development of the virtual tools and ongoing events and training programs.