To achieve its mission of "safe care everywhere," MAPS is focusing its Ongoing Work on specific projects within the following strategic areas:

Convening and helping align the patient safety community around shared language and goals.

Bridging between and across care silos with respect to transitions of care.

Strengthening relationships between patients and their care teams to foster patient safety.

In its second decade, MAPS has expanded its focus to patient safety across all care settings with a particular focus on transitions of care.

Establishing Engaged Community Advisory Boards in Assisted Living: Built on best practices for engagement, with relevance to the assisted living setting, community advisory boards were established at three pilot assisted living sites in 2020. A description of this work, including a Community Advisory Board Toolkit, can be accessed here:  

MAPS Assisted Living Community Advisory Board Report_02.2021.pdf

Community advisory boards create opportunities for joint decision-making and help ensure that decisions better reflect the resident/tenant and family perspective and needs. This work was funded by Care Providers of Minnesota and Stratis Health.       

Stop Dropping the Ball: Improving Diagnosis Across Transitions of Care in Rural Communities: This innovative project is centered on improving diagnostic test management upon discharge from the emergency department in a rural community. By co-designing a new process with community members and patients, the possibility of test result follow-up communication failures will be minimized. Funded by MMIC/Constellation and Stratis Health.


In its Past Work, MAPS rolled-out process improvement projects and health literacy tools for consumers.