In October 2005, MAPS initiated its ‘Patients as Partners’ campaign to engage patients and families as active and informed partners in assuring patient safety in the delivery of health care.

The long-term goal of MAPS' "Patients as Partners" campaign is to have an active, informed and integrated advisory presence with family members, parents and/or patients in every health care entity in Minnesota. See more about this campaign and what efforts are taking place both locally and nationally: [DOC]


  • “Patient Safety: Your Role,” a brochure designed to be used in hospital, pharmacy and clinic settings to better explain patients’ role in their own health care. This pamphlet, developed by the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety, is a resource to engage patients to become actively involved in their health care. In addition to English, these brochures are available for download in Hmong, Spanish, Russian, Somalian and Vietnamese. To order, contact MAPS at (612) 362-3756.  A PDF version is also available here.
  • "Patients as Partners: How to Involve Patients and Families in Their Own Care." The book teaches health care workers and organizational leaders how to create a culture of safety that accepts patients and families as part of the health care team, as well as how to:
    • Open the lines of communication between them and their patients, caregivers or families;
    • Create patient/family education programs that teach patients how to be involved and how to recognize errors pertaining to medication, hand hygiene, wrong-site surgery, correct patient identification, and more;
    • Evaluate each patient’s level of health literacy regardless of what language they speak or their reading level; and
    • Address the education and involvement needs for special patient populations, such as pediatric, geriatric, chronic and limited English-speaking patients.

This publication also compiles many examples of what other organizations are doing to achieve, facilitate or promote patient and family involvement in their own organization.