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Domain 4: Justice


MAPS statement of support Key stakeholder groups
Just/accountable education
HR practices
RCA (root cause analysis) process
Clinical practices

According to the research literature, an organizational culture that is just (fair) recognizes that competent professionals make mistakes and acknowledges that even competent professionals will develop unhealthy norms (such as shortcuts or routine rule violations) but has zero tolerance for reckless behavior. The justice section of the roadmap focuses on strategies and tactics to engage key stakeholder groups around safety education, effective human resources processes/policies, and incorporation of just processes into clinical practices. This section builds on content from the Leadership section (where HR professionals and leaders partner to identify necessary competencies involving safety knowledge, skills and attitudes) by identifying interventions that help align on-the-ground behaviors with identified competencies.

Audit Questions
CLINIC Toolkit

Statewide Culture of Learning, Justice and Accountability Statement

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