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Heidi Holste

Executive Director

Heidi joined MAPS as Executive Director in December, 2021.  The focus of her work is with non-profit membership organizations as their Executive Director.  In this role, she provides a wide range of services as Executive Director including: project management; website management, financial management; strategic planning; communications; organizational development and growth; fundraising activities, and event planning.  In addition, Heidi has extensive experience as a non-profit Executive Director in the service industry sector, and as a board member. Heidi has a wealth of knowledge in public policy with over 20 years of experience in government relations work at the state, federal and local levels. Heidi is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, River Falls.

Email Heidi at hholste@mnpatientsafety.org

Lisa Juliar

Director of Patient and Family Engagement

Lisa joined the MAPS staff as an Engagement Specialist  in April 2017.  The focus of her work is increasing patient and family engagement to advance safe care everywhere. She has served as the first consumer director on the MAPS Board since August 2011.  Following a series of adverse events, Lisa became passionate about sharing her personal story to make positive changes and presented her story at the MAPS Conference in 2008.  Lisa worked for the Minnesota Hospital Association as a Patient/Family Engagement Consultant and Co-chair of their first Patient and Family Advisory Council from 2013-2017.  She was able to inspire and motivate hospitals around the state to authentically partner with their patients and families by establishing Patient and Family Advisory Councils. Lisa aspires to bring  consumers and healthcare organizations together as equal partners.  She approaches her work with a fundamental philosophy that relationships are the foundation to change and we all have something to learn from each other.

Email Lisa at ljuliar@mnpatientsafety.org

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